New technologies / IT & Computer sciences

R&D (Research & Development)      was first started as a research & development organism that served as plattform for new technologies & computer sciences. After sometime and several projects on diverse aspects of our business going & growing on different directions, it became clear that a vertically integrated company structure was needed to efficently handle each distinct, yet alike project beeing dealt with. Thus, separate branches (each with a different product or service-specific target) have been created to satisfy our customers needs.


Tel. (+34) 622 33 55 70

COSTASOPORTE, our real-estate & accommodation sharing branch.

Property sharing and on-line availability web-service that shows members properties on each  member's website as their own, brings added functionality and property exposure to furtherly provide our custumers with a broader set of options., our advanced web-applications & software development branch.

Dedicated to building complex database driven applications & websites that perform common processing data input/output & search patterns. Also develops customized software that allow computer systems & human resources integration to achieve our clients strategic goals.

Websparapymes our web & graphic design branch.

Providing our clients with the specific design needed to cath their customer's eye and possibly overcome the prospect doubt's on closing a deal or making a sale. Websparapymes supplies the proper amount of both graphical and product or service information aimed at improving your business., our technical service & support branch.

Offering IT & computer related consulting services and tech- support, finding the apropriate software to fullfill our client's needs, installing or uninstalling any program, optimizing their computers performannce, or fixing/improving their hardware.